The Best Toilet Line of 2022 – The Sabre with Stealth Technology

There are many reasons we think the Sabre with Stealth Technology line is the best toilet line of 2022, and we’re confident that after you read this blog you’ll feel the same way. The Sabre Line of Toilets Uses Stealth Technology Niagara’s Sabre Line is a vacuum-assisted toilet that uses patented Stealth Technology. Here’s how … Continued

Niagara’s Shadow Line: The Best Toilet on the Market

Niagara’s Shadow® line with Stealth Technology® is the best solution for those wanting high design, performance, and efficiency. The Shadow is the Best Toilet Line Available Shadow with Stealth Technology is part of several new product lines introduced in April 2021 that is dedicated to the traditional wholesale channel and designed specifically with features and … Continued


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