Welcome To Stealth Technology

Niagara has re-engineered the flush for a high-power, low-maintenance, no-waste toilet – making it one of the most efficient toilets on the planet. See how we’re turning mindless waste into mindful conservation.

Inside the Tank

Toilet air transfer tube

Air Transfer Tube

A Patented Vacuum-Assist Flush Technology That Delivers A Silent, Powerful Flush

Before Flush: When water fills the tank/inner chamber, air is pushed back into the patented air transfer tube. This pressurizes the trapway and primes the toilet for a powerful and quiet flush.

During Flush: Water leaves the Stealth inner chamber and pulls air from the trapway up through the air transfer tube. This creates a vacuum-assisted pull that accelerates the force of the water and waste flowing through the trapway.

360 degree water flow

Virtually Maintenance Free

Stealth Seal VS Standard Flapper

The 360˚ water flow moves into the bowl faster and easier than a standard flapper as there is no blockage from objects. The Stealth seal is backed by a hard plastic plate that presses down and equally distributes pressure across the seal. This ensures that water does not leak.

Inside the Bowl

360 degree toilet rim wash

360º Rim Wash

When the flush lever is pressed, water leaving the tank is forced through strategically placed holes around the rim to thoroughly rinse the surface of the bowl. Combined with the water that pushes through the Rim Jet, this allows for a complete change of water in the bowl.

Stealth vacuum-assist pull

Vacuum-Assist Pull

During the flush, pressurized air is pulled from the trapway into the Stealth inner chamber. This suction creates a powerful siphon in the trapway that pulls water and waste from the bowl and propels it down the drain line. This vacuum-assist pull is what elevates Stealth’s flush performance beyond a traditional gravity-fed toilet.

Fully glazed trapway

Fully Glazed Trapway

The 2” diameter is specially configured without pitch points or drastic changes in direction, adding power to the flush. “Fully-glazed” means reduced friction and zero absorption into ceramic material, which helps prevent clogging and increases the flushing performance.

Large water surface

Large Water Surface

As the water begins to fill the inner Stealth chamber during the refill process, air is pushed through the air transfer tube. This air pressure exerted in the trapway forces water in the bowl to rise, creating a large water spot.