There are many reasons we think the Sabre with Stealth Technology line is the best toilet line of 2022, and we’re confident that after you read this blog you’ll feel the same way.

Sabre toilet with Stealth Technology

The Sabre Line of Toilets Uses Stealth Technology

Niagara’s Sabre Line is a vacuum-assisted toilet that uses patented Stealth Technology. Here’s how it works:


Before the Flush

When water fills the tank/inner chamber, air is pushed back into the patented air transfer tube. This pressurizes the trapway and primes the toilet for a powerful and quiet flush.

During the Flush

When the flush button is pressed, water leaves the Stealth® inner chamber and pulls air from the trapway up through the air transfer tube. This creates a vacuum-assisted pull that accelerates the force of the water and waste flowing through the trapway. A 360-degree water flow moves into the bowl faster and easier than a standard flapper as there is no blockage from objects.

A Virtually Maintenance-Free Toilet

The 360˚ water flow moves into the bowl faster and easier than a standard flapper as there is no blockage from objects. The Stealth seal is backed by a hard plastic plate that presses down and equally distributes pressure across the seal. This ensures that water does not leak.

Design Options

Sabre toilet

Flush Volumes

The Sabre line comes in a 1.1 and a 1.28 GPF. Offering various flush volumes guarantees that the toilet can be used across the nation despite government or state mandates. It also allows the line to be used for more than one type of property.

ADA and Standard Heights

The Saber line comes in standard and ADA heights to provide additional options and serve individuals that may need a taller toilet. To be considered an ADA-compliant toilet, the height of the toilet bowl, with the seat attached, has to be between 17” – 19”. This measurement should be from the floor to the top of the seat and can be helpful for wheelchair transfers or even for people who have a hard time standing from a sitting position.

Bowl Shapes

Round, elongated, and compact elongated are the three industry standard options for toilets. An elongated bowl shape is ideal for comfort, whereas a round toilet is the best option if you’re short on space. A compact elongated bowl is an option that bridges the gap between elongated and round. While offering comfort, it still saves on space. The Sabre line comes in both round and elongated toilet bowl shape options.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Unlike other brands, Niagara backs the Sabre Line with a 15-year warranty on internal tank parts and a limited lifetime warranty on vitreous china.

Award-Winning Toilet

SEAL award-winning toiletIn 2021 the Sabre line was awarded the SEAL Sustainable Product Award. The SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement & Leadership) Awards is an environmental advocacy organization that honors leadership through their business sustainability awards & environmental journalism awards while funding research and pursuing their own environmental impact campaigns. The Sabre line is the first and only plumbing product to bring home this prestigious honor.

If you’re not convinced yet that Niagara’s Sabre line is the best toilet line of 2022, then browse the products.