The Towers on Franklin, a 332-unit multifamily property, reduced their monthly water usage by 73%, resulting in a 64% decrease in costs, despite a 12% increase in water and sewer rates.



Aqua Savers, a company that specializes in retrofitting water-efficient products in multifamily properties, completed a water efficiency program for the Towers on Franklin at the end of September 2020. The 332-unit student housing community occupies two buildings on West Franklin Street in downtown Richmond, Virginia.

The existing fixtures at the property were 3.5 gallon per flush (GPF) American Standard model toilets that were installed in 1963 when the buildings were constructed.



Aqua Savers replaced the old, high flow toilets with Niagara’s The Originalmodel that flushes at 0.8 GPF. The goal for this retrofit was to decrease the water and utility bills for the owners to ensure a powerful performance with less water.

Because The Original uses vacuum-assist technology, it can flush up to 800g of miso in as little as 0.8 GPF. This model with Niagara’s patented Stealth Technology® can meet the ADA requirements through various options of handle functionality, height, and accessibility, making it the perfect choice for this property.


Thanks to Aqua Saver’s services and Niagara’s low-flow but high-performing plumbing fixtures, the Towers on Franklin property was able to realize a 73% reduction in consumption and a 64% decrease in water/sewer costs although water and sewer rates increased by approximately 12%.