Niagara's Phantom toilet

Niagara’s Phantom® is synonymous with sophistication, making it the most upscale ultra-high-efficiency toilet on the market. With Niagara’s patented Stealth Technology®, the Phantom blends modern design with high performance and includes many features that make this eco-friendly luxury model the perfect choice for any customer. Here are a few reasons why:

A Toilet With Superior Design

The Phantom’s design is made up of many elements that create the luxury look and feel.  Its lean silhouette is made up of a narrow tank and a smooth, fully skirted bowl. The skirted bowl makes it easier to clean the extra-large footprint, which is another large benefit that the Phantom brings to the installer.

It Has An Extra-Large Footprint

If the new toilet being installed has a smaller base or ‘footprint’ than the old toilet, then the contractor will have to fill in the gap created by the new toilet and the flooring. By providing an extra-large footprint, the Phantom ensures that the installation will cover the area completely and save the contractor the headache of adding floor repairs to their installation budget.

The Phantom is ADA-Compliant

Phantom toilet

Additionally, the Phantom comes in an ADA-compliant height. Because the Phantom has an ADA-compliant height of 17 inches, it’s perfect for hospitals and multifamily properties, but it’s also a great option for residential properties as people age in place. ADA-compliant heights are important to have as a taller fixture can aid those who may be unable to sit or stand easily.

It Has An Elongated Bowl

When looking at the three different options for bowl shapes, an elongated bowl is almost always preferred. Round, elongated, and compact elongated are the three industry standard options for toilets. The Phantom is elongated, making the seat more comfortable.

The Phantom is Made of Vitreous China

Like every fixture Niagara manufactures, the Phantom is coated from top to bottom and inside the trapway with an enamel coating. Because everything is fully glazed and smooth, waste is propelled down the trapway, ensuring a clean waste removal for every flush.


The Phantom Model Certifications

Design is important but looks can only get your fixture so far. Having fixtures that look luxurious and also perform above standards is a win-win. There are two major certifications in the United States that any luxury toilet should have:

It’s WaterSense Certified

The EPA WaterSense Program mandates water usage of plumbing fixtures to drive innovation, conservation, and elimination of waste. Apart from following the requirements from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and having a toilet flush capacity of 1.28 GPF or less, WaterSense® certified toilets must also pass a flush performance test. This test, performed by a third party, requires that the bowl clears test media in a single flush. If the bowl is not completely clear from a single flush 80% of the time, it fails the test. To receive the WaterSense certification, the water-saving toilet must be low-flow AND high-performing.

The Phantom is MaP Premium® Certified

The measurement of water efficiency in toilets goes beyond LPF. Check to be sure that your toilet of choice also carries the MaP Premium label. Maximum Performance (MaP) is an independent testing program that tests a water-saving toilet’s ability to flush a minimum of 350g of waste. The MaP Premium certification goes so far as to require that a single flush must clear the bowl of at least 600g of waste at a 1.1 GPF. This certification marks the toilet as a fixture that is highly efficient with a flush powerful enough to reduce clogs and callbacks. The Phantom surpasses both of these requirements while using 0.8 GPF showing that this luxury product can conserve water while performing past standards.

How Stealth Technology Works


Stealth technology

Finally, the most important element of the Phantom is what’s in the tank: Stealth Technology. Niagara put toilet technology on a higher plane, challenging companies across the industry to focus on sustainable yet efficient product design. Stealth Technology has earned several U.S. awards for its high power, low maintenance, and no waste features. The technology works using an air transfer tube instead of a flapper – which is prone to breaking.

The Science Behind Stealth Technology

When water fills the tank/inner chamber, the air is pushed back into the air transfer tube. This pressurizes the trapway and primes the toilet for a powerful and quiet flush. When the flush button is pressed, water leaves the Stealth inner chamber and pulls air from the trapway up through the air transfer tube. This creates a vacuum-assisted pull that accelerates the force of the water and waste flowing through the trapway. A 360-degree water flow moves into the bowl faster and easier than a standard flapper as there is no blockage from objects. Once the flush is complete, the system refills. The technology has completely revolutionized the industry and has won several EPA WaterSense awards. And the Phantom’s tank comes preassembled which can lead to a decreased amount of time dedicated to installation, and maintenance, as well as fewer leaks.

To summarize, the Phantom has a superior design, is certified to perform beyond expectations, and flushes at 0.8 GPF which will conserve water and help our planet. Browse the Phantom here.