For those in the plumbing industry, or even those that influence it, high performance and low-maintenance is the end goal of every job or project. When it comes to toilets, the pros know to look for the MaP® PREMIUM certified label. To achieve a PREMIUM rating, a toilet must go through the MaP group’s tests, which measure the amount of waste moved with each flush. Current EPA WaterSense standards only measure up to 350 grams of waste moved per flush. MaP’s testing measures up to 1,000 grams, providing an even better evaluation of a toilet’s flush capacity – as more grams equal a better performing flush. A rating of 650 grams is required to meet MaP standards.

In addition to a toilet’s ability to remove waste, MaP PREMIUM toilets must also use no more than 1.1 gallons of water with each flush, which is 14% less than current EPA WaterSense requirements.

Whether you’re installing, specifying, or stocking a MaP PREMIUM toilet, you’ll do so confidently knowing that the toilet has already achieved the EPA WaterSense certification, and has achieved even further distinction from the independent MaP group.

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