The Reserve at Stone Creek lowered their monthly water usage by 32% with monthly savings of $39,863.11

Located in an Atlanta suburb, The Reserve at Stone Creek is made up of 88 one- to three-story buildings, two swimming pools, and a number of shared laundry facilities. Although some toilets and showerheads had been upgraded to more efficient models over the years, most plumbing fixtures dated back to when the complex was originally built in the 1980’s. These fixtures included 3.5 GPF toilets, 2.5 GPM showerheads, and 2.5 GPM aerators. With some of the highest water and sewer rates in the country, the opportunity to save both water and money was clear.

Installation of Niagara’s UHET Water-Saving Kits
The Reserve at Stone Creek worked with the Apartment Water Management Company LLC (AWMC) and the DeKalb County Watershed Department to replace outdated, inefficient fixtures. AWMC decided to install Niagara’s UHET™ Water-Saving Kits, which they use on all their projects. When asked why they do, a managing member at AWMC said, “I’m all about saving money for my clients. Niagara seems to lead the way in efficiency, so we use Niagara!” AWMC installed Niagara’s UHET Water-Saving Kits that included the EPA WaterSense® labeled Original Stealth – 0.8 GPF Single Flush Toilet, Earth™ 1.5 GPM showerheads, and 1.0 GPM aerators, along with water supply lines and wax rings. The DeKalb County Watershed Department helped in the implementation and completion of the water conservation efforts. The Original Stealth toilet is the most efficient toilet on the planet – 37.5% more efficient than “high-efficiency” toilets. The high-efficiency, high-powered Earth Showerhead uses up to 40% less water than other ‘low-flow’ showerheads while the kitchen and bathroom aerators complete the water-saving kit that is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Water-Saving Results
The savings were significant. The bathroom retrofit, in conjunction with additional conservation efforts by the staff and residents, resulted in a 32% decrease in monthly water usage translating into a monthly savings of nearly $40,000. Tenants seem to be happy with the toilets too. “My partner and I are amazed that we haven’t had any callbacks on projects where we’ve used Niagara products,” said the managing member. While continuing to monitor water conservation efforts at The Reserve,  apartment management has seen no evidence of excessive sewer stoppage due to the retrofit. Water and sewer bills also indicate residents aren’t double-flushing or any improper use of the newly installed products. Considering all associated costs, the project will completely pay for itself in just over 13 months. The savings in both money and water usage will continue to pay dividends for years to come, even as water and sewer rates increase. In addition to the annual savings of $480,000, ownership at The Reserve estimates property value has increased 12-15 times the annual savings – that’s over $6 million.