Being an organization that provides direct services to individuals and families in poverty, Cornerstone Assistance Network, a transitional housing non-profit, noticed that their utility bills were steadily increasing. They wanted to use their dollars elsewhere to help assist those in need. Looking to cut these rising costs, Cornerstone turned to Niagara Conservation for assistance. Two communities within Cornerstone Assistance Network underwent innovative restorations earlier this year with the installation of state-of-the-art plumbing fixtures from Niagara Conservation.

“We noticed water bills were on an incline,” said Mike Doyle, President and CEO of Cornerstone Assistance Network. “So, we wanted a solution to lower them while also supporting a green initiative. Partnering with Niagara was a no-brainer, as their products are both EPA-certified and highly efficient in reducing utility costs. Thanks to Niagara’s products we have saved our bottom-line and can now use this money elsewhere to further benefit our vibrant residents and expand our properties.”

The installations took place on March 24, 2016 at Cornerstone’s New Life Center, which is home to 19 men, and Cornerstone’s Promise House, which is home to four women. Niagara Conservation donated a dozen of their UHET Water-Saving Kits along with installation services to each location. Of the 12 Original Stealth toilets Niagara donated, eight were installed in the New Life Center and four in the Promise House.

Almost immediately, the two communities had experienced drastic reductions in water usage and monthly water bills. “Our New Life Center previously had older inefficient toilets installed,” said Philip Posey, Director of Housing for Cornerstone New Life Center. “These new, ultra-efficient Stealth Toilets have proven to produce lower water bills and have improved the lives of our men and women.”


Niagara’s UHET Water-Saving Kit is an ultra-high-efficiency technology kit consisting of five high-efficiency products that drastically reduce water and energy usage. When installed, they collectively deliver unrivaled savings. The UHET Water-Saving Kits installed included Niagara’s Original Stealth toilet, a Niagara Earth 1.5 GPM showerhead, a 1.5 GPM swivel kitchen aerator, and two 1.0 GPM bathroom aerators. Together all these highly-efficient products will maximize water and energy savings across all bath and kitchen fixtures on each property.

The Original Stealth toilet boasts the lowest gallon per flush on the market; flushing a mere 0.8 gallons each time thanks to the company’s patented Stealth Technology. This technology involves a combination of air and water working in tandem to deliver a cleaner and more reliable flush without sacrificing superior performance.

The showerheads and aerators have Niagara Conservation’s patented pressure-compensating technology that guarantees a powerful, consistent flow rate regardless of available water pressure.


With ease and professionalism, the entire installation of Niagara’s UHET Water-Saving Kits were completed in one day. Cornerstone Assistance Network and its residents unanimously agreed that the installation process was very impressive.

“It was clear right off the bat that the installation was being handled by true professionals,” continued Doyle. “From the start to finish, the process was undisruptive and expertly executed, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the entire experience.”


After the first six months following the installations, each community has seen optimal water savings. New Life Center has seen 28 percent water usage savings while Promise House has seen 14 percent water usage savings. Additionally, water bills have collectively decreased 18 percent for both locations translating into a savings of more than 54,150 gallons of water in six months’ time. Furthermore, together the two properties have cut utility bill costs by nearly $300.

Watch our video case study here.