The Oaks Apartment case study

Water reduction and savings infographic

The Oaks Apartments, located in Dallas, Texas, had originally specified toilets that would use twice the amount of water as a Niagara, 0.8 GPF model. By specifying Niagara’s Shadow 0.8 GPF model, the property reports that they will save over $48,000 annually.



The Oaks is a senior community nestled within a historic Oak Cliff neighborhood just south of Downtown Dallas. The 260-unit property is an affordable housing community offering income-restricted and non-income-restricted apartment homes for persons 62 years of age or older and is opened in June 2023.


Faced with the challenge of wanting to create a more
environmentally conscious space, providing ADA compliant products, and looking for ways to save money so funds could be allocated to better service the resident’s of their community, the developers of The Oaks turned to Niagara for a solution. This is an all bills paid property so cost savings is imperative. Niagara was able to answer their problem with the Shadow with Stealth Technology, a high performing, high-efficiency toilet that runs with just 0.8 GPF. This impressive line of toilets is perfect for the property as it comes with ADA compliant options such as different side handle locations, an ADA compliant height, and an elongated bowl for comfort.

Because the Shadow uses Stealth Technology, which is a vacuum-assist technology patented by Niagara in 2007, it can flush up to 1,000 grams of miso which gives it two of the most prestigious certifications a toilet can have: a MaP Premium and a WaterSense certification.


The Oaks initially budgeted water/sewer costs of $600/unit ($156,000 per year). After being in operation, The Oaks to was able to reduce the budged costs to $415/unit ($108,000). This allowed the team at The Oaks to reallocate over $50,000 initially budged on water and sewer bills to more important expenses like outfitting their onsite clinic, upgrading their Bark Parks (their onsite, fenced in dog parks), and community garden. Niagara is proud to work with affordable housing projects like The Oaks who make life better for everyone.