For over two decades, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has championed the WaterSense® program, encouraging manufacturers to strive for greater water savings in the plumbing fixtures they produce. These WaterSense Certified products provide consumers with simple ways to drastically cut their water use with little to no change in behavior. In addition to saving water, … Continued

Continuing Education

Niagara works closely with architects, construction pros, engineers and more to help understand their needs and ensure our team is constantly delivering products that meet their rigorous standards. As part of that commitment, Niagara offers continuing education courses to help our audience meet their certification’s annual requirements. Hosted by members of our team that boast … Continued


For those in the plumbing industry, or even those that influence it, high performance and low-maintenance is the end goal of every job or project. When it comes to toilets, the pros know to look for the MaP® PREMIUM certified label. To achieve a PREMIUM rating, a toilet must go through the MaP group’s tests, … Continued

Niagara’s ADA Compliant Toilets

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) includes toilets in its regulations, and Niagara is proud to offer many options for those seeking toilets that meet ADA standards. The latest standards for ADA toilets mandate that the height of the toilet, from the floor to the top of the seat, must be 17 inches at minimum, … Continued

Niagara Green Lending

Save Money. Save The Planet. A push towards sustainability is being made from property owners, construction companies, lenders and more as they begin to understand the long-term benefits to the planet, as well as their pocketbooks. “Green” loans are lending programs that can lower the total cost of loans if sustainability criteria during construction or … Continued


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